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The Garden is Waking UP!

Our front yard is becoming a full-blown survival garden. We’ve said goodbye to the grassy lawn, and hello to taking charge of our own family’s food security. It’s a magnificent feeling, really.

Each day I pop outside with excitement to see if we’re experiencing any changes in the garden. And we are! Each day things change a little more. I’d like to give you a little tour of what we’ve got going on so far.



My tomato & squash seeds are happily sprouting in their “homemade greenhouses.” ┬áLike I’ve said before, I like to garden on the cheap, so I use whatever I have on hand. These little pots are made from yogurt cups, liquid detergent caps, egg cartons, and yes…even old Easter baskets! I used a cheap tray with lid and some old freezer bags to create the greenhouse effect. Works perfectly and I didn’t spend any extra money in the process.

IMG_2043Here are my strawberry plants. Not the clearest picture (sorry, I sent the 10 year old out with the camera to do the work for me!) but they are growing. I am already excited about picking fresh strawberries right from our front yard. The straw has been the perfect mulch and cover for this crop. We’ve endured a few really cold nights since I planted them, and the straw has protected the young plants beautifully.



My onions.

They are growing faster than anything in the garden. I love growing onions because they are so easy to do, aren’t discriminatory of poor soil (usually) and just grow like crazy. When they are ready, we will be eating them in all of our spring and summer salads. I could almost grow an entire field of just onions…but then I’d miss all the other things like tomatoes, lettuces, eggplant, squash, and so on.

This week I will be uploading a how-to video on how I use ProtoGrow in my garden. ProtoGrow is the natural fertilizer I talk about here on the blog. You don’t want to miss that, so come back soon and see what I have for you. You’ll be amazed at what it’s doing for my plants – both food & flowers!


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