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Your Fall Fertilizing Guide – The Natural Way!

Fall is here and it’s time to do some fertilizing around the yard. Taking the time to apply a liquid, natural fertilizer, such as ProtoGrow, in the fall will help strengthen the roots of your plants, giving them a strong start come next spring. Stronger roots mean more beautiful and lush plants with healthy, prolific blooms.

And when do those strong roots develop? In the “off” season when the weather is cool. So now really is the perfect time to do some ProtoGrow feeding around your yard.


At this point in the year, your perennials are starting to fade and die back. However, a feeding of ProtoGrow at this time will benefit them even into next spring. Feeding them a little ProtoGrow now will mean they are stronger plants that give you more flowers next growing season.

Most perennials are hardy, but some are more tender than others. That’s why it is best to apply your ProtoGrow as a side-dressing to your perennials. If you don’t know what this means, let me explain – a side-dressing means you literally apply the fertilizer on the side of the plant, not directly at the base. This allows the plant to take up the nutrients in the fertilized soil a bit more indirectly.

Another great reason to fertilize your perennials NOW is to allow the nutrients from ProtoGrow to soak into the soil, feeding both the plant and at the same time, also enhancing your soil that’s gotten a bit tired during the growing season. (Perennials, veggies, and annuals can really “suck” the nutrients out of the soil during peak season.)

Shrubs and Trees

Fall is a wonderful time to fertilize all of your shrubs and trees. Give your shrubs and trees a feeding of ProtoGrow in late September or early October to promote healthy root growth over the fall and winter. The nutrients will stay in the soil for the cool season, and will still be present come spring when your shrubs and trees take off growing again. Because most shrubs and trees are extra hardy, a side-dressing application isn’t necessary. Just apply your ProtoGrow directly to the base of your shrub or tree and that’s it!

FYI: Feeding your Holly bushes now will mean extra-beautiful, bright red berries this holiday season.

Fall Bulbs

One of my favorite chores in the fall garden is to plant beautiful bulbs for spring. I can’t get enough daffodils and tulips at my house!

Yes…you can even fertilize these newly planted bulbs with ProtoGrow. A feeding of fertilizer at planting time will promote root growth and will help your flowers “Grow Like Crazy” next spring. I prefer ProtoGrow over bone meal. It’s actually healthier for your bulbs and will not attract rodents such as moles and voles that might like to make a snack out of your bulbs. (Bone meal can actually attract these rodents…but not ProtoGrow.)

Veggies – One Final Push

Have green tomatoes still on the vine, and weather getting cooler? Go ahead and give them one last feeding of ProtoGrow to help speed up the ripening process. It will help you get one final push from your garden and hopefully one last BIG harvest!

And don’t forget your fall veggies that are just now going into the garden. They will need ProtoGrow, too.

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