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Houseplant TLC: Feeding Your Houseplants & More

Houseplants are great because they don’t require tons of expert care, lots of fancy gardening equipment, or too much fuss. Houseplants help us decorate our homes, infuse our indoor air with healthy oxygen, and are just nice ways to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Even still, your houseplants need some routine care and maintenance every now and then. As fall approaches, it is the perfect time to give your houseplants a little TLC so they will look good and help you feel good all winter long.

1. Check the Light

If your houseplants are growing poorly, look yellow, or a bit sick, odds are they aren’t getting enough indoor light. Try a new location or perhaps install some grow lights inside where your plants can get a boost of “sunlight” they need to thrive.

2. Check Your Watering Routines

Another reason houseplants perform poorly is either from lack of water or having too much water. Believe it or not, too much water is often the case. Don’t overwater your houseplants. They are not subjected to the same kinds of hot conditions as outdoor plants. Instead of watering your plants on a routine, say every Saturday, check them instead. Insert your finger into the soil of the plant. If it is dry, water lightly. If it is wet or moist at all, wait.

3.  Feed Your Houseplants

ProtoGrow works wonders on your houseplants. The all-natural liquid fertilizer will give your houseplants a boost of nutrients they need to thrive. You can get away with fertilizing your houseplants a little less than outdoor plants, because their soil nutrients aren’t depleted as quickly as outdoor plants. I fertilize my houseplants with ProtoGrow at the beginning of fall and then again at the beginning of spring. That’s only twice a year, but it makes a HUGE difference in how they grow. They are greener, more lush, and just overall healthier plants.

4.  Re-pot Your Houseplants as Necessary

Too often we leave our houseplants in the same old pot, year after year. This will ultimately kill a growing plant as the rootball chokes out the soil and is left with very little soil to grow in or take nutrients up from. As your houseplants grow and get bigger, you will need to re-evaluate when they need a bigger pot. But don’t go too big too quickly when choosing a new pot. Move up your pot size gradually and one step at a time. You want your plant’s roots to be cozy – but not too cozy!

A decorative pot  is a an inexpensive way to really enhance your home’s decor. When choosing a pot, make sure you choose one that drains well…and has a saucer to catch the excess water! You may even want to place an inch or so of gravel or stones in the bottom of the pot to aid in water drainage. When you water your houseplant, the water goes into the plant, through the soil, and excess water drains into the saucer. This water evaporates around your plant, creating a little humid atmosphere which is actually really helpful to your plant, especially in wintertime. (Just follow your watering guidelines – only water when the plant truly needs it.)

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