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Fertilizing Your Roses With ProtoGrow

Want to have roses that bloom again and again and again? If so, you should fertilize them approximately every four to six weeks, with an all-natural liquid fertilizer like ProtoGrow. There are a few exceptions to this 4-6 week rule, but it is a good general rule of thumb for most roses. Here are some general rules for fertilizing your rose plants:

1.  Spring bloomers. Roses that bloom only in the spring will not need feeding as much as repeat blooming roses. Instead, fertilize these roses once in early spring and then again in 4-6 weeks. If your blooms are lackluster and the plant does not look green and healthy, offer the rose more fertilizer during the off-blooming period (late summer and fall) and see what happens.

2.  Good hydration is essential. If your rose plant is stressed by lack of water, it is more likely to get “burned” by any fertilizer. Natural fertilizers like ProtoGrow will not naturally burn any plant, however a plant under stress may not respond as well to any fertilizer. So make sure you keep your roses well hydrated so that the fertilizer can do it’s job well.

3.  Make your first yearly application approximately 4-6 weeks before growth begins in the spring. This will get your rose blooming season off to a bang! In areas where it is very cold, this feeding time would happen about the time you remove winter protection from your rose plants. Keep feeding your roses ProtoGrow every 4-6 weeks and like we reviewed above, keep them well hydrated for best results.

4.  Keep your soil pH regulated. No fertilizer can help your roses too much if the pH is too out-of-whack.  So test your soil regularly and adjust accordingly. Signs of a pH problem would be struggling roses, stunted growth patterns, off-color blooms, and lackluster, yellowish plant growth.

5.  Once a year, apply epsom salts to your roses for a super-boost. Epsom salts help replace magnesium in the soil, which roses use heavily. Even with fertilizing routines, many rose gardeners like to water in 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup of epsom salts per plant once or twice a year. I do this once per year before the blooming season begins, and sometimes again in the fall before the plant “rests” all winter long. ProtoGrow is plenty enough fertilizer for your soil, but the epsom salts will give the blooms a nice boost and will help roses, especially.

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