About The Authors

jgreenfieldJerry GreenfieldHi, I’m Jerry.  I do grow crazy.  I grow open pollinated vegetables to ensure the survival of me and my family in case something happens.  Because you know it will. I fully endorse Protogrow. It’s good stuff.  It isn’t made by “The Man” or “Big Blue.”

ProtoGrow: An all-natural, seaweed-based fertilizer

lcoxLindsay CoxMy name is Lindsey. I’m new to using Protogrow, and have been so excited about it I thought I’d share my tips with you. I grow all kinds of vegetables and flowers, and with Protogrow – they’ve definitely been growing like crazy. I’ve seen first hand what it can do, and I’m happy to back Protogrow, and will be using it on all my plants for many years to come!

ProtoGrow: Making Plants Grow Like Crazy

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